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Dell Printer 3110cn Error 010-351
To fix Error 010-351 on Dell printer try the following
Replace Fuser: 010-351
Error 010-351 replace fuser unit error

To fix error 010-351

1. Turn off Dell printer
2. Print a Parameter Setting Report page on the Dell printer.

Power off the printer.
Close all printer covers and doors. Hold down the up ▲ and down ▼ buttons on the printer and power the printer on.
Release your fingers from the keys when the message Diagnosing... appears.
Customer Mode and ESS Diag are displayed.
Press the check button to select Customer Mode.
Press the up or down button until Parameter appears and press the check ✓ button.
On the LCD, the Parameter menu appears. Press the ▲ up or ▼ down button until Print appears and press the check button.
The Parameter Setting Report prints. Press the Cancel button to stop the test.

If, the Life of Fuser (paper feeding count) has reached replacement time of 100,000 pages, you need a new fuser unit.

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