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Scan to email errors with Dell MFP 3115cn
Dell Scan to Email Error
016-764 SMTP Scan Error on the LCD Panel [Dell™ 3110cn, 3115cn Printer]
This error is an SMTP Connection error. What SMTP port are you using on the new email server?

You need to enter your ISP SMTP settings or your SMTP email setting using the Dell printer menu.
One the Printer Scanner get the IP address
1.Open a Web browser to the Printer.
2.Type in the IP address of the printer and click Go. (The printer's web page appears.)
3.Click the Printer Settings link on the left-side of the list.
4.Click the Printer Settings tab.
5.Click the Scan Defaults link.
6.Change the Network Port default to Wired.
7.Click Restart Printer to apply new settings.

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