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CM405df scan to email 016-764 Error
CM405df scan to email Error 016-764
Cannot scan Xerox Error 016-764

If using scan to email, you need to add your SMTP setting to the printer, the printer needs the SMTP setting with a valid username and password to access the email server

Try accessing the web interface to setup the printers network settings, hopefully there you can setup the DNS address and a static IP address. Sometimes even the router IP is good enough for a DNS address.

Your ISP's outgoing email wont require you to login as they secure these by restricting access to their own IP address blocks.
CM405df Scan to PC
If scanning to PC you shold check the drivers which came with the printer, check if the is scanning software for your desktop.

You could also create a local share and give the printer permission to access the share, the printer should then be configured to save scanned documents in the share.

If your xerox printer is still not scanning search TopicIT for other solutions.

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