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Dell Printer c1765nf error 007-371
 Dell Printer c1765nf error 007-371, 007-371, 007-372 Restart Printer - Error on Dell™ 2130cn Laser Printer
1. Turn the printer off.
2. Wait 10 seconds.
3. Turn the printer on.
4. Determine if the issue still occurs.
5. If 007-371 or 007-372 Restart Printer Error recurs remove the PHD Unit and remove any packaging.


If error recurs with the PHD Unit re-seated please try another PHD from a working 2130CN Laser Printer
If issue recurs after trying another PHD or no PHD Unit is available, please call Dell Technical Support to advise.

Dell Genuine Original 1320c 1320cn 2130cn 2135cn 2150cn 2150cdn 2155cn 2155cdn Imaging Drum PHD Unit , Dell P/Ns : P266C , N757C , KGR81 , DT574 , 7N7M1.

The PHD Unit is a consumable Item and will need to be replaced after about 24,000 pages (based on standard text coverage of 5%).

Put a piece of paper on the transfer belt to protect it from scratches and from light damage. Do not cover the left and right of the belt guards with the paper.

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