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HP Printers Support Web Printing via Email
Modern printers are web-enabled and you can just connect them to the Internet through an ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi,  they work out of the box without requiring a computer and you therefore don’t have to worry about installing any printer drivers.
Modern printers are assigned a unique (and impossible-to-guess) email address. You can just send your Office documents, pictures or PDFs to this email address and the files will get printed within the next minute.
Print Apps for your Printer
There’s more. You can download and install apps on your printer (just like a mobile phone) and these apps can pull web pages and other content directly from the Internet.
Another  feature in these web-enabled HP printers that’s worth a mention – you can store files to the Google Cloud directly from the printer. For instance, you can scan a document and the scanned image will get stored to your Google Docs as a searchable PDF.

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