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Cyber Threats Groups
List of advanced persistent threat groups

Whats the purpose of Cyber Attacks and who might support cyber attacks, APT groups list

1. Nation States: These are the most capable actors in the cyber domain. Their interests include political, economic, military, and financial targets.

2. Crime Groups: Criminal groups in cyberspace are a rapidly growing problem, with international collaboration creating a global marketplace for cyber-crime tools.

3. Corporations: Private corporations that buy and sell security products provide value-added service capabilities in the form of network monitoring, threat intelligence, network security appliances and penetration testers. Each of these defensive capabilities is an offensive capability as well. There is a global black and grey market for these capabilities.

4. Hacktivists: A disparate group containing a wide variety of ideologically oriented groups and individuals with varying motivations. There is considerable overlap between hacktivists and criminal subcontractors at the level of techniques.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
Insiders: Disgruntled insiders/employees may be used to facilitate criminal activity by each of the four categories of threat actor. Insiders enjoy special access to an institution’s information and systems, and are thus uniquely positioned to inflict significant damage.

Among the most significant threats are the sophisticated attacks perpetrated by Advanced Persistent Threats. these involve activity largely supported directly or indirectly, by a nation-state. Targets carefully selected, high-value data in every industry, from aerospace to wholesalers, education to finance.