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 O2 SMTP Setting - Set up Outlook O2 Setting


Open Outlook  

You will see a welcome message. Click Next.
On the next screen select Yes, and click Next.

If you already have an account setup in Outlook then Click File and add account

Enter your email account details, your email address and password, re-type password


Add your O2 Email Details and click Next

Outlook will use Autodiscover to find your O2 account server details, and set up your account. You will see check marks appear next to each line, and then a message that your account is successfully configured.

If Outlook autodiscover is not working then enter the O2 SMTP and POP details.

Click Test or Finish

O2 Broadband uses Eircom servers for email so POP and SMTP setting are Eircoms setting. 


Three smtp server smtp server settings not working
Outgoing mail server three
Three outgoing mail server iphone
Three outgoing mail server android

Setup Three Email Account using Outlook, Outlook - SMTP Setting for O2

Send yourself a test email message from your webmail to be sure your email is set up correctly. When you receive it, reply from Outlook, so you can test your outgoing server settings, too.