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 HP Printer not Scanning
When you try to scan, the computer or the scanner is not found or the scan fails. One of the following communication or connection errors displays and  the scan fails.
  • An error occurred communicating with the scanning device
  • An error occurred while communicating with the HP imaging device
  • Computer not found
  • No Computer Detected
  • Scan to computer is currently unavailable
  • Scan to computer no longer activated
  • Scan Unsuccessful
  • Scanner not found
  • Scanner Unreachable
  • The scanner could not be initialized


Restarting the computer and printer can restore the lost scan connection.

Turn off the printer.
  • Make sure  the printer power cord connects directly to an electrical outlet and not through a surge protector or power strip.
  • Close all running programs on your computer, and then shut down the computer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Search Windows for your printer model name, and then click the printer name in the list of results.
    • If HP Printer Assistant opens, click  Scan a  Document or Photo or Manage Scan to Computer, and then make sure  the check  box is selected next to Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log onto Windows.
    • If HP Solution Center opens, click Scan Settings to  view scan connection status, settings, and preferences.
    • If your printer name is not in the results, skip to the step to install the HP software for your printer.
  • Try to scan.


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HP Printers - Network Scanner Connection Error

If your HP printer is connected over your network:

Wireless network connection: On the printer, open the Wireless network or Settings menu to make sure the wireless signal is turned on. Make sure the Wireless icon light     is on and steady.

  • Wired network connection: Make sure the cable is connected  to the printer Ethernet port and to an available port on the router. The green link light should be steady, and the orange activity light should blink.