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 Earn Free Bitcoins - Claim your Free Bitcoins

BitCoinSurf is a online advertising platform where you get paid hourly to advertise your business. It is a functional marketing system that helps your online business or any other business you may have.

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Fast developing firm of Advertising & Investment Experts, Offer Secure and Reliable Advertising Platform. When it comes to Advertising, they say they offer you a Professional, Efficient and Reliable service.

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How do I get paid?
We pay you through an online currency BitCoin. All payments are processed weekly. You do not have to re-upgrade to receive your earnings.



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Bitcoin Surf - Free Bitcoins - Earn Bitcoins

On Bitcoin Surf you will get the following message:


First You need to confirm Your BTC account. After confirmation btc will be returned to Your account instantly.

Send 0.01006975 BTC (don't include transaction fee in this amount!). If you send any other bitcoin amount, payment system will ignore it.