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 Think Twice Before Buying a Connected Toy

Lots of kids will be gifted connected toys for Chrismas or birthdays, but think about the risks that come with an internet connected toy. Many of these toys connect to the web or rely on companion apps which connect to the Internet, and most of them collect data about your child. Beyond security vulnerabilities, the way these companies treat data is worth considering.


Your child’s connected doll or bear may be watching you. Increasingly popular internet-connected toys pose a privacy concern for the children who use them and their families, as toy companies advertise smart devices to children


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Toys Connected to your Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet connected toys are usually not very secure and open to other gaining access to your home network using the toy or even with speech enable toys hackers can use to talk to your kids.

See these Internet toys on your network by downloading a network scanner and see the what access is open on these toys