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 Brother printer not printing wirelessly

If the computer is wireless, confirm that it is connected to the same network SSID that the Brother machine is connected to. If both your computer and printer are connected to the same wireless network. Then we need to confirm some settings on your brother printer and computer


1. Restart your router first, wait 1 minute then restart computer and printer, if this fail go to step 2

2. On your computer go to setting/control panel and devices and printers.

3. Check the printer is on-line, your printer will be grayed out if its offline, right click and select printer properties and click pause and then un-pause, it printer is online, parint a test page.

4. Get the IP address of the printer and try to ping the printer from your computer.

5. If the above fails, delete the printer from your computer and reinstall printer


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Did you recently install any software on your computer like an anti-virus program or any kind of Internet Security suite or additional firewall? A lot of times programs such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee or Comodo Firewall can block the connection from your computer to your printer. Try disabling any anti-virus or security software and check to see if that fixes the problem with the printer connectivity.