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 Galaxy S6 Phone not Charging

Phone wont charge galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy not charging may be caused by a number of issues.

1. Check the plug and and if the plug is getting hot, if the plug is cold this would indicate the plug is not working or the phone is not getting power

2. Check the charging cable for any damage, the cable is usually one of the first thing to go.

3. The battery may need replacement, are their any lights coming on, on the samsung phone.

4. The charging port can bend or get damaged, with a small light look in to the charging port for damage, is there any resistance when inserting the cable into the sumsumg phone


Another uncommon issue is a Firmware glitch may also cause the phone not to charge or the phone may be frozen or hung.


Samsung S6 charging slow

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Samsung s6 charging slow
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Samsung galaxy s6 won't charge or turn on

we would recommand you send the phone off for repair if the issue is with charging port. If you are looking to repair your Samsung phone yourself you can buy the parts very including the tools required to do the repair