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 Galaxy S6 Edge Phone not Charging

Phone wont charge galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not charging.
Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S6 is not hung or freezing, try restarting Sumsung phone.
Check the charger and charging cable is working and not damaged.
Ensure you are using the original charger and not a charger from another phone.
Check if the charging usb port is not loose, loose connections most of the time stop phone charging


Do not overcharge your S6 phone. Overcharging occurs while charging overnight. Overnight charging leads to a battery exploding or damaging your S6. Your device has a cut-off switch for your battery, but sometimes this kill switch does not work.

Over charging also reduces the life of your battery, meaning your battery will not hold a charge for very long and you will have to get a new battery


Samsung S6 Edge not powering on

Galaxy S6 Edge won’t boot up
Galaxy S6 Edge won’t charge via cord
Galaxy S6 Edge has black screen with blue blinking light
Galaxy S6 Edge won’t charge via wall outlet
Galaxy S6 Edge stuck on boot logo
Galaxy S6 Edge won’t turn on after charging
Galaxy S6 Edge entered boot loop after update  

Samsung galaxy S6 Edge not turning on

Galaxy S6 Edge won’t turn on after charging or Sumsung has a blank screen.

Press and hold the volume up, home and the power buttons together for 20 seconds, thie will hard reset Galaxy S6 Edge

Press the Volume down button and power key button altogether for 20-30 seconds and in case the phone was just frozen, this method will fix up the issue.

Wiping cache partition is another useful method that can help your galaxy from hanging.