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 Ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit

Unlike other recent malware epidemics which spreads usually by email and then infects a single computer and then other computers on the network, Bad Rabbit requires a potential victim to download and execute a bogus Adobe Flash installer file, thereby infecting themselves. Please note in this case abogus Adobe Flash installer file, but this could be any file.


Computers infected with Bad Rabbit malware direct the user to a .onion Tor domain where they are asked to pay .05 Bitcoin or roughly $276 USD in exchange for their data. A countdown on the site shows the amount of time before the ransom price goes up.

As always, anyone infected is discouraged from paying the ransom. For one, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the data back but importantly, refusing to pay the ransom discourages future ransomware attacks


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Ransomware Removal - Bad Rabbit Removal

When removing malware you need to be 100% sure all traces are removed including possible backdoors in to your device where hackers may gain access to your files and possibility back details.

For all malware removal we would recommand you wipe your device and yes this means losing your data unless you have it backed. We would always discouraged you from paying the ransom as there’s no guarantee you’ll get the data back.

The only way to be sure an infected computer, laptop or phone is malware free after an infection is to wipe the system and in the case of a computer reinstalling the operating system