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 Learning the Excel Environment

The Excel Status Bar

The Excel status bar at the bottom of Microsoft Office programs indicates whether options such as word count, signatures, permissions, change tracking, and macros are turned on or off. You can also use features such as Zoom on the status bar.



Excel Zoom Controls
Used for Zooming in and out of an Excel document

Excel View Buttons
Quick access to a number of different Excel views: Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Excel Web Layout, Excel Outline, Draft

Excel Galleries
A gallery is a new, super-sized selection box that appears from either a drop down on a ribbon or from one of a number of icons on the Excel ribbon. It can contain 20 thumbnails of professionally designed choices.




Excel Menu, Learn Excel, Excel Lessons Free

Excel Live Preview
Live Preview is a new technology that shows the results of applying an editing or formatting change in Excel as the user moves the pointer over the results presented in a Gallery