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 Excel Choose AutoCorrect options for capitalization, spelling, and symbols

You can use the AutoCorrect feature to correct typos, capitalization errors, and misspelled words, as well as automatically insert symbols and other pieces of text. By default, AutoCorrect uses a standard list of typical misspellings and symbols, but you can modify the entries in this list.


Click on the File menu and then select Options from the drop down menu.
When the Excel Options window appears, click on the Proofing option on the left.
Then click on the AutoCorrect Options button.
When the AutoCorrect window appears, uncheck the option called "Replace text as you type".


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Excel Autocorrect Spelling, Excel Autocorrect Capitalization

With the AutoCorrect Hyperlinks button in Microsoft Excel, you can use several options that are related to the process of typing hyperlinks in a cell. Unlike the other recovery options, the AutoCorrect Hyperlinks button always appears below the lower-left corner of the cell where you type the address.

1. Click on the Office Button, click Excel Options.
2. Click Proofing
3. Click AutoCorrect Options
4. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, click to select the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks check box on the AutoFormat As You Type tab, and then click OK.