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 Wireless Broadband Running Slow, Cannot connect to Wi-Fi Broadband

Wireless Broadband not Working Your broadband is working but not your Wifi.

1. Ensure you are entering the correct Wi-fi key.  
2. Enter a munual IP address on your device.  
3. Ensure your default gateway is your router.  
4. Change your DNS setting to Google DNS

Google DNS:  
Google DNS:


Wifi Broadband Speed Slow

If the above has failed, update your anti-virus software and run a full system scan, also ensure your anti-virus protects againt Spyware.


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Wireless Broadband not Working, Wireless Broadband Running Slow,

Also connect your computer/laptop directly to the router and if still slow and other devices are working at full speed then the problem is with your computer/laptop. Try download ulitilities to speed up your computer. Be carefull when selecting software downloads