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 How to improve slow broadband speed

Speed up Wi-fi Broadband
Your router is connected to your Wi-Fi devices using one of 13 different channels. If your neighbour also has a Wi-Fi router and is using the same channel as you, changing your channel might reduce interference and improve your connection.


Wifi Slow, Boost your Wifi Signal To change the channel on your router.

1. Logon to your router
2. Go to Wireless
3. Change to dropdown channel from Auto to your perferred channel.

Tip: You can setup a number of wireless networks and assigned different channels to each one


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To sppeed up your computer, download repairs tools for your computer, scan your computer for walware and viruses. Remove Temp files and cache,Make sure no unwanted Programs consuming Internet Bandwidth, Make sure no Network worms and malicious programs running. There are lots of free tools you can download to clean up your computer