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 Wireless Security - WiFi Security

Wireless security is any meathod of securing your wireless network to prevent unathorised network access and network data theft or the unauthorised use of your WiFi broadband.

You need to ensure authorised users only can connect to your network without hindrances


Wireless network are more vulnerable to attacks than any other network systems. Wireless devices such as latops, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets search and connect to the access points with the best signal which can be coming from a hacker Wireless transmissions can also be scanned or sniffed out of the air, with no need for physical access. Such attacks can be avoided by using the relevant security protpcols.


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Rogue Access Point

A rogue access point is an unauthorised waireless access point on a network. Rogue access points are not easily detected and can allow for unauthorised access. A rogue access point can allow man-in-middle attacks and access to private data