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Windows 10 Running Slow | Windows 8 Running Slow | Windows 7 Running Slow
Windows 10 Running Slow
Speed up your computer by cleaning up temp files and removing old or incorrect registery entries. There are lots of free utilities which will speed up your computer automatically.

Malware or computer viruses will also slow down your computer, so ensure your anti-virus is up to date, there are also lots of free antivirus software tools. Also download specialist free malware software scanning tool as not all malware is detected by antivirus software.

Also ensure you only have one antivirus software package installed on your computer.

Uninstall software not used ensuring you do not uninstall any drivers

Computer Running Slow
Windows 10 very slow startup
Windows 10 very slow and unresponsive
Windows 10 running slow
Windows 10 slow after update
Windows 10 laggy
Windows 8 Running Slow
Windows 7 Running Slow