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Windows 10 Error 0x0000000C
Windows 10 BSOD 0x0000000C
Stop error on a Windows Server-based computer with many IP addresses

Windows 10 0x0000000C Solution
KeWaitForMultipleObjectshas a defined MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS value of 64. Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) listens on all configured IP addresses for the network adapter configured on the RDP-Tcp connection. When the adapter has more than 64 IP addresses Remote Desktop Services will not be able to wait for connections on all IP addresses without breaking the MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS contract in KeWaitForMultipleObjects. This causes the operating system to crash with Stop 0xC error.

1. Open "Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration" MMC
2. Right-click the RDP-Tcp connection object and select Properties
3. Select the Network Adapter tab under RDP-Tcp Properties Select a network adapter with less than 64 assigned IP addresses

Windows 10 Blue Screen, Windows 10 Error 0x0000000C, Windows 10 Error 0x0000000C