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Windows 10 Error 0xc000000F
Windows 10 BSOD 0xc000000F
This BSOD means that a request for a spin lock has been initiated when the spin lock was already owned.
BSOD error code 0x0000000F may also show "SPIN_LOCK_ALREADY_OWNED" on the same blue screen

To repair this error you will need your start-up disk o start your computer by pressing F8

Windows 10 0xc000000F Solution
This error is related to your hard drive
1.  Check your hard drive for errors
2. Check you have space on your hard drive
3. Run CHKDSK /r/f
4. If you can access Windows in safe mode, check the event logs for hard drive errors
5. There are also reported issues with Windows update causing this issue, try a system restore to the last known configuration

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