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Windows 10 Error 0x00000018
Windows Error 0x00000012
Windows failed to update to windows 10. Failed to install the latest drivers. Install a software in a wrong way. Pop up object error or script errors. Hard drive is full.

Windows 10 0x00000018 Solution
This error in Windows 10 points to a registry problem, try downloading a free copy of ccleaner or another progra for scanning and repairing your computer registry.

This error has also been reported as being caused by hard drive errors, check your hard drive for errors.

 Installing a printer also causes Windows Error 0x00000012, uninstall the printer driver and check for the latest version or install a compatable printer driver (Windows 7. Windows 8).

Windows 10 Blue Screen, Windows 10 Error 0x00000018, Windows 10 Error 0x00000018